Professional Master’s Degree

The MESPT course aims at training professionals for the development of  social research and interventions, based on dialogue between scientific and traditional knowledge and for the exercise of rights, the strengthening of self-managed life, territory and environmental processes, valuing socio-biodiversity and safeguarding cultural heritage (both material and intangible) of indigenous peoples, quilombolas and other traditional communities.

The MESPT course adopts the definitions of traditional territories, peoples and communities as formulated by the Federal Decree 6,040, of February 7, 2007, which established the National Policy for the Sustainable Development of Traditional Peoples and Communities, namely:

I – traditional peoples and communities: culturally differentiated groups who recognize themselves as such, have their own forms of social organization, occupy and use territories and natural resources as a condition for their cultural, social, religious, ancestral and economic reproduction, using knowledge, innovations and practices generated and transmitted by tradition.

II – traditional territories: the spaces required for the cultural, social and economic reproduction of traditional peoples and communities, whether they are used permanently or temporarily, taking into account, in regard to indigenous and quilombola peoples, respectively article 231 of the Brazilian  Constitution and article 68 of the Transitional Provisions Act od the Brazilian Constitution, as well as other regulations.

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