PPGCDS has a limited number of scholarships for Masters and PhD students. The program receives these scholarships from two federal agencies (Capes Foundation and National Research Council – CNPq) and awards them to selected students.

Currently 26 Ph. D. (23 from Capes and three from CNPq) and 17 Master’s scholarships (10 from Capes and seven from CNPq), for a total of 43, benefit PPGCDS students. Occasionally, the program receives extra scholarships from UnB’s Dean of Graduate Studies whiare duly awarded to PPGCDS students. Addtionally, the funding of some research projects include resources used as scholarships for students involved in those projects.

Scholarships are distributed by the PPGCDS Graduate Studies Committee, according to criteria of merit. Only students who are not employed are eligible. Scholarships have a maximum duration of 24 months for Master’s students and 48 months for Ph. D. students. Female students may have an extension (up to four months) of their scholarship term if they have children during the course.